Xue-Feng Meng

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Spatial heterogeneity in two co-variable resources such as light and water availability is common and can affect the growth of clonal plants. Several studies have tested effects of spatial heterogeneity in the supply of a single resource on competitive interactions of plants, but none has examined those of heterogeneous distribution of two co-variable(More)
The availabilities of light and soil water resources usually spatially co-vary in natural habitats, and the spatial pattern of such co-variation may affect the benefits of physiological integration between connected ramets of clonal plants. In a greenhouse experiment, we grew connected or disconnected ramet pairs [consisting of a proximal (relatively old)(More)
A reciprocal transplant-replant experiment was carried out to investigate the clonal plasticity and local specialization of OAFE population (O type) and BF population (U type) of a clonal rhizome herb Iris japonica in contrasting reciprocal heterogeneous habitats on Jinyun Mountain. U Population had better performance of plant size and clonal propagation(More)
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