Xue-Fang Song

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BACKGROUND Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) has been emerging as an important public problem over the past few decades, especially in Asian and Pacific regions. A national program on EV71 vaccine development against HFMD was initiated in China, in 2008, which called for a need for seroepidemiological study for the target population. (More)
CONTEXT Alternative schedules are needed to provide greater immunogenicity in adults who fail to respond to the standard hepatitis B (HB) vaccine regimen. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of high antigen content HB vaccine formulations administered to non-responders after routine primary vaccination. DESIGN SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the changes in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and cystathionine gamma-lyase (CSE) in rats with severe burn, and to analyze the effects on important organs. METHODS One hundred and four healthy male SD rats were divided into normal control group (NC, n = 8), burn group (B, n = 48), and H2S intervention group (HI, n = 48) according to the(More)
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