Xue-Dong Zhang

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Automatic recognition of people has received much attention during the recent years due to its many applications in different fields such as law enforcement, security applications or video indexing. In this paper,Wavelet transform is used for preprocessing the images in order to handle bad illumination, Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is used to play a(More)
Nowadays, face detection and recognition have gained importance in security and information access. In this paper, an efficient method of face detection based on principal components analysis (PCA) and support vector machine (SVM) is proposed. It firsly filter the face potential area using statistical feature which is generated by analyzing local histogram(More)
begin this paper with a discussion of constructing a kind of formulas which are called n-ary formulas in an approximate space of rough set theory. These formulas are an expansion of the formulas in Pawlak rough logic, so that the domains of the n-ary formulas are extended from subsets of U to subsets of U n (=U×U×…×U). In subsequent discussions we define(More)
For purpose of solving the imperfect problems of SIFT method those lack of edge feature detect and low identification rate, the paper propose the integration of the SIFT and edge direction histogram method, and discusses how to use edge direction histogram on the basis of the SIFT feature vector matching to product edge direction difference values further(More)
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