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The Method of Processing Table with WATCOM SQL in PowerBuilder
Look Up and Replace Fines in the Database Files Through User-Defined Functions
This article expatiate in the condition of vb6.0,how to read and rectify background files through a user-defined function through a self-governed exploitation application program. Expand
A Method of Encrypting Data in No-paper Testing System
Proposes a method of encrypting data based on a variation of Huffman code in the implementation of no paper testing system. Expand
Integrated Information System of Container Freight Station
The paper introduces the software structure, the design method,the delelpmentcnvironment,and describes the integrated process of client/ server hardware platform and software platform. Expand
The Technique of Report Forms programming with PB
The paper introduces the technique of report forms progamming when cary out MIS development with PB database for development tool, and providing a standard example ofReport forms programming. Expand
CIH Virus and Precaution Against for It
The paper analyses the characteristics and forms of CIH virus.The ways of taking precaution against the CIH virus and repairing the infected system are presented in this paper. [
The Method of Rapid Input of Data Code
A method of rapid input of data code is presented in this paper, its realization in Foxbase is also given in the paper. Expand
Method of DataBase-Operating in Visual Basic
This paper discusses the operation of DB in VB, which fether convensible in Window's proprograming. Expand
The Application Technique of Power Builder System under The Environment Client/Server
The paper introduces the technique of management information system development under the environment Client/Server with Power Builder,and explains how touse SQL command and fubction to overcome the flaw of PowerBuilder,to heighten software quality and running speed. Expand