Xue Chun Yao

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Bovine ISG15 (bISG15) is an interferon inducible ubiquitin-like protein that is responsible for the establishment of early pregnancy in ruminant, understanding the properties of bISG15 capable of being inducible in fetal bovine lung (FBL) cells upon infection of bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) is of significant importance. In this study, we investigated(More)
Human ribonuclease inhibitor (RI) is a cytoplasmic acidic protein possibly involved in biological functions other than the inhibition of RNase A and angiogenin activities. We have previously shown that RI can inhibit growth and metastasis in some cancer cells. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is regarded as the beginning of invasion and metastasis(More)
Albuvirtide (ABT) is a 3-maleimimidopropionic acid (MPA)-modified peptide HIV fusion inhibitor that can irreversibly conjugate to serum albumin. Previous studies demonstrated its in vivo long half-life and potent anti-HIV activity. Here, we focused to characterize its biophysical properties and evaluate its antiviral spectrum. In contrast to T20(More)
Recent studies have shown that oligomeric amyloid-β (oAβ) peptide can potentially activate microglia in addition to inducing more potent neurotoxicity compared with fibrillar Aβ (fAβ); however, its mechanisms of action remain unclear. This study was designed to investigate the possible mechanisms involved in the microglial activation induced by oAβ in BV-2(More)
Epidural steroid injection (ESI) is one of the most commonly used treatments for radiculopathy. Previous studies have described the effectiveness of ESI in the management of radiculopathy. However, controversy exists regarding the route that is most beneficial and effective with respect to the administration of epidural steroids, as both transforaminal (TF)(More)
BACKGROUND The dilemma of pathogens identification in patients with unidentified clinical symptoms such as fever of unknown origin exists, which not only poses a challenge to both the diagnostic and therapeutic process by itself, but also to expert physicians. METHODS In this report, we have attempted to increase the awareness of unidentified pathogens by(More)
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