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In a visible light communication (VLC) system, the nonlinear characteristic of the light emitting diode (LED) in transmitter is a limiting factor of system performance. Modern modulation signals with large peak-to-power-ratio (PAPR) suffers uneven distortion. The nonlinear response directly impacts the intensity modulation and direct detection VLC system(More)
The scroll profile plays a very important role in the design of a scroll vacuum pump in oil filter. Therefore, a geometric general form of the scrolls based on Whewell equation was developed in this study. The general planar curve form of the scrolls was specified using the Whewell equation, which consists of three segments and it is easy to analyze and(More)
Cold air micro-thruster is a multi-variable, nonlinear, strong coupling system. The traditional control method is vulnerable to uncertain factors such as the satellite parameters change and load disturbance. It is difficult to obtain satisfactory control effect. This paper puts forward an adaptive variable universe fuzzy PID compound control strategy,(More)
Based on the Blade Element Momentum theory, the model of load and aerodynamic characteristics for wind turbine blades is carried out that the blade tip loss is fully considered. Applying the structural dynamic equations of blades, the aeroelastic model of the rotating rotor and the numerical simulation method of the deflections are presented under the(More)
ACTIVE VERSUS PASSIVE MIXERS Most integrated-circuit mixers are based on an active or current-commutating topology. Linear Technology has a wide portfolio of active mixers, such as the LT5527 and LT5557, which are widely accepted due to their ease of use and low power consumption. Nevertheless, their 2dB–3dB of conversion gain is not enough for some(More)
An electromagnetic band-gad (ERG) magneto-electric (ME) dipole antenna with enhanced gain is proposed for intelligent radio-over-fiber systems. With the ERG etched around the radiator patch, gain enhancement is achieved without deteriorating the previous impedance bandwidth of more than 33% from 50 to 70 GHz. The maximum gain is increased from 7.7 to 11.7(More)
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