Xudong Jia

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Use of electric vehicles (EVs) has been viewed by many as a way to significantly reduce US oil dependence, operate vehicles more efficiently, and reduce carbon emissions. Due to the potential benefits of EVs, the federal and local governments have allocated considerable funding and taken a number of legislative and regulatory steps to promote EV deployment(More)
This study was to investigate the immunotoxicological potential of corn genetically modified (GM) with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Cry1Ah gene in BALB/c mice. Female BALB/c mice were randomly assigned to one of the four groups: the negative control group, the parental corn group, the GM corn group and the positive control group with 10 mice per group. Mice(More)
1 This project was funded in its entirety under contract to the California Department of Transportation. Transportation assume no liability for the contents or use thereof. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of the State of California or the Department of Transportation. This report does not constitute a standard,(More)
A research team in the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona has developed a GIS-based earthquake warning software package called QuakeView for Southern California Edison (SCE). QuakeView is the core module of the SCE emergency preparedness system. It estimates wave fronts of earthquakes. It consists of two primary components: the earthquake(More)
Most of the studies are focused on the general crashes or total crash counts with considerably less research dedicated to different crash types. This study employs the Systemic approach for detection of hotspots and comprehensively cross-validates five multivariate models of crash type-based HSID methods which incorporate spatial and temporal random(More)
BACKGROUND Environmental cadmium, with a high average dietary intake, is a severe public health risk. However, the long-term health implications of environmental exposure to cadmium in different life stages remain unclear. OBJECTIVES We investigated the effects of early exposure to cadmium, at an environmentally relevant dosage, on adult metabolism and(More)
The role of maternal allergen exposure in the allergenicity of the offspring remains controversial. Some studies have shown that maternal exposure is a risk factor for allergy in the offspring, whereas other studies have shown that maternal exposure induces immune tolerance and protects offspring from allergy disease. Therefore, we utilized maternal rat(More)
At a signalized intersection, drivers must make a stop/go decision at the onset of the yellow signal. Incorrect decisions would lead to red light running (RLR) violations or crashes. This study aims to predict drivers' stop/go decisions and RLR violations during yellow intervals. Traffic data such as vehicle approaching speed, acceleration, distance to the(More)
Nitrogen-doped carbon dots are introduced as a novel substrate suitable for enzyme immobilization in electrochemical detection metods. Nitrogen-doped carbon dots are easily synthesised from polyacrylamide in just one step. With the help of the amino group on chitosan, glucose oxidase is immobilized on nitrogen-doped carbon dots-modified carbon glassy(More)