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This paper focuses on architecture suitable for large-scale simulation system. Based on the scenario of large-scale Internet simulation, the grid technology is introduced and a new architecture, GDSA is proposed. GDSA, a full grid-based architecture mainly focuses on four pending problems in distributed system: scalability, communications, management(More)
In recent years, based on the previous research work, "virtual prototyping engineering for complex product (CPVPE)" project, combined with current technology developments and application requirements, is further studied and practiced. Some latest research results gained are introduced in This work in detail, which include the collaborative simulation grid(More)
The combination of parallel/distributed discrete event simulation (PDES) and Grid technology is a new trend in simulation. QoS is important yet difficult in this process. With the special features of Gird architecture and PDES input, such as periodical and predictable inputs, we could enhance QoS with a PDES-specific prediction. A Grid-based framework is(More)