Xucheng Tang

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Adaptive Random Testing (ART) is a testing technique which is based on an observation that a test input usually has the same potential as its neighbors in detection of a specific program defect. ART helps to improve the efficiency of random testing in that test inputs are selected evenly across the input spaces. However, the application of ART to(More)
Software as a Service (SaaS) attracts small and medium enterprises by its low investment, flexibility and easy to manage. Migrating isolated tenancy hosted web application toward SaaS application can reuse the legacy software assets and cut down the re-development cost and risk. Since multi-tenant is a prime characteristic of SaaS, migrating to(More)
Security plays a crucial role in software systems. Existing research efforts have addressed the problem of how to model the security aspect of software at a particular phase of software lifecycle. However, security is still not integrated in all the phases of software lifecycle. In this paper we introduce how classical MDA framework can be extended to(More)
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