Xuchen Wang

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This study presents the spatial distribution of total dissolved Cu, Zn, Co, and V during an autumn survey in the East China Sea (ECS). Dissolved Fe and its organic complexation were also investigated. The present study aimed to evaluate the relationship between Cu, Zn, Co, V, D-Fe and its organic ligands and total dissolved phosphate (TDP) in the coastal(More)
The iron binding capacities (IBC) of fulvic acid (FA) and humic acid (HA) were determined in the salinity range from 5 to 40. The results indicated that IBC decreased while salinity increased. In addition, dissolved iron (dFe), FA and HA were also determined along the Yangtze River estuary's increasing salinity gradient from 0.14 to 33. The loss rates of(More)
Release and microbial degradation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) from the macroalgae Ulva prolifera were studied in laboratory incubation experiments. The release of DOM and CDOM from Ulva prolifera was a rapid process, and hydrolysis played an important role in the initial leaching of the organic(More)
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