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I the past decade, the air quality of China has been drawing great concern in the face of the country's rapid economic development. Nowadays, suspended particulate matter (PM) is considered to be the most serious pollutant in the metropolitan areas around the world due to its adverse health effects, including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory irritation,(More)
An environmental-friendly procedure for manufacturing silver (Ag) and titania (TiO(2)) nanocomposites in an aqueous solution is presented. This green synthetic approach results in the successful production of nanomaterials with high dispersion and crystallinity. The colloidal suspensions of the nanocomposites composed of metal and ceramic (Ag-TiO(2)) were(More)
Global crop production has doubled since the Green Revolution on the average, but crop yield has stagnated or even declined in some regions. In the same time, food demand has highly increased due to population growth and higher living standards. The use of pesticides and mineral fertilizers has improved crop yields but also contaminated food and the(More)
C reclamation has expanded land resources and living spaces and contributed significantly to the economic growth and urbanization process in Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and China. From the 1950s to the 1990s, China witnessed three important phases of coastal reclamation, mainly for agriculture, salt production, and mariculture, respectively. At that(More)
Upscaling the results from process-based soil-plant models to assess regional soil organic carbon (SOC) change and sequestration potential is a great challenge due to the lack of detailed spatial information, particularly soil properties. Meta-modeling can be used to simplify and summarize process-based models and significantly reduce the demand for input(More)
Adler et al. (Reports, 23 September 2011, p. 1750) analyzed the standardized sampling data from 48 herbaceous-dominated plant communities and concluded that "Productivity is a poor predictor of plant species richness" at fine-scale. However, their method was biased toward site-number-dominated plant communities. They also failed to provide enough data for(More)
F production and security is an important thing for China. However, the extensive agriculture practices with high input of chemical materials in the past also brought serious threats to the ecosystem and public health. Since Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration reported on May 16, 2013 that the content of cadmium (Cd) in 44.44% of sampled rice and rice(More)
B invasion, which has caused grave disasters in history, particularly by infectious pathogenic microorganisms, is intimately associated with international trade. As economic globalization becomes enhanced, the risks of biological invasion have become increasingly acute, threatening ecological security, public health, and sustainable agriculture. According(More)
SIR — In attempting to sustain natural ecosystems, we should not assume that imposing a price on goods and services that adversely affect the environment will also have a negative effect on the economy. Placing a value on ecosystem services certainly changes the relative cost of various actions, but approaches being developed in other areas indicate that(More)
Species-area theory is an important concept in ecology. However, debates still surround the species-area relationship (SAR) or endemics-area relationship (EAR) and their relations to expected extinction rates. In this paper, I introduce the concept of overlap-area relationship (OAR) to link SAR and EAR. Two fundamental equations are derived from the(More)