Xubin Luo

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Work on traffic grooming in mesh networks considered several traffic models: static traffic model, dynamic random traffic model, incremental traffic model, and traffic matrix set model. While these different traffic models are valid and useful in many circumstances, they are not able to capture the traffic characteristics of applications that require(More)
In this work, we study the problem of efficient service provisioning in light-trail WDM optical networks under a scheduled traffic model. In this model, a set of demands is given, and the setup time, teardown time, and the requested bandwidth of a demand are known in advance. When constructing light-trails to accommodate scheduled demands, we consider two(More)
In this work, we study a multi-constrained routing problem in networks with SRLGs where a path between a source and a destination is determined such that both the path cost and the weight of SRLGs to which the links of the path belong are bounded. The path cost is measured as the sum of cost of links on the path while the weight of SRLGs is calculated as(More)
In recent years, pattern password has been widely used for user authentication on smartphones and other mobile devices in addition to the traditional password protection approach. However, pattern password authentication mechanism is incapable of protecting users from losses when a user's login credential information is stolen. We propose an identity(More)