Xuanying Chen

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Myotonic dystrophy is a neuromuscular disease of RNA toxicity. The disease gene DMPK harbors expanded CTG trinucleotide repeats on its 3'-UTR. The transcripts of this mutant DMPK led to misregulation of RNA-binding proteins including MBNL1 and Celf1. In myoblasts, CUG-expansion impaired terminal differentiation. In this study, we formally tested how the(More)
Supercapacitors have attracted lots of attentions for energy storage because of their outstanding electrochemical properties, and various kinds of carbon materials have been used to improve the performance. In this work, we innovatively elevate a natural rose-based continuous 3D porous carbon skeleton. The as-prepared carbon skeleton is graphited to some(More)
1. Burn-induced myocardial injuries can be acute due to loss of body fluid and blood redistribution, and subacute due to pathogenic toxins of infecting bacteria. The goal of this study was to examine expression of 14-3-3 in the injured myocardium. 2. Myocardial injury models were created in vivo by subjecting rats to severe burn and administration of(More)
The innate immune response, which is tightly regulated by Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) pathway, has been shown to play a critical role in brain damage following cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury. Hydroxysafflor yellow A (HSYA) is the active component extracted from the Flos Carthami and has been reported to decrease neurological deficit scores following(More)
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