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Dehydrins (DHNs; late embryogenesis abundant D11 family) are a family of intrinsically unstructured plant proteins that accumulate in seed embryos or in vegetative tissues in response to environmental stresses. To elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of wheat-derived DHNs under these stresses, we isolated and characterised the full-length cDNA, genomic and(More)
Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of starch palmitate was investigated in ionic liquid mixtures consisting of 1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium acetic ([BMIm]Ac) and 1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium tetraflouroborate ([BMIm][BF(4)]). The effect of reaction parameters such as the amount of enzyme used, the reaction temperature, the mass ratio of [BMIm][BF(4)]/[BMIm]Ac, the(More)
Distributed estimation of a deterministic mean-shift parameter in additive zero-mean noise is studied when using quantized data in the presence of Byzantine attacks. Several subsets of sensors are assumed to be tampered with by adversaries using different attacks such that the compromised sensors transmit fictitious data. First, we consider the task of(More)
Estimation of an unknown deterministic vector from quantized sensor data is considered in the presence of spoofing attacks, which alter the data presented to several sensors. Contrary to the previous work, a generalized attack model is employed which manipulates the data using transformations with arbitrary functional forms determined by some attack(More)
In the paper, a new distributed coding scheme for parallel relay systems is proposed, in which a sender communicates to a destination that is two hops away via two (or more) parallel relays. The key idea is the exploitation of a (rate-1) soft convolutional encoder at each of the parallel relays, to collaboratively form a simple but powerful distributed(More)
This paper considers optimal transceiver design for a multi-terminal multi-inputmulti-output (MIMO) system, where L sensors wirelessly communicate individually-contaminated observations of the same source to the fusion center. The constraint that each sensor has individual power cap significantly complicates the non-convex optimization problem, and the(More)
Enzymatic esterification of starch with long-chain fatty acid was investigated by using ionic liquids 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium choride ([BMIm]Cl) and 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ([BMIm][BF4]) as reaction media. An industrial lipase produced by Candida rugosa was used to modify starch with lauric acid. The effect of reaction parameters(More)
This paper considers joint transceiver design for a wireless sensor network where multiple sensors, each equipped with Ni antennas, transmit individually-contaminated data to a fusion center that is equipped with M antennas. Rather than assuming an overall power provision among all the sensors, we consider a more realistic condition of individual power(More)