Xuanqi Chen

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Energy-efficiency is becoming increasingly important to modern computing systems with multi-/many-core architectures. Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), as an effective low-power technique, has been widely applied to improve energy-efficiency in commercial multi-core systems. However, due to the large number of cores and growing complexity of(More)
In this paper, some morphological transformations are used to detect the unevenly illuminated background of text images characterized by poor lighting, and to acquire illumination normalized result. Based on morphologic Top-Hat transform, the uneven illumination normalization algorithm has been carried out, and typically verified by three procedures. The(More)
The memory wall problem is due to the imbalanced developments and separation of processors and memories. It is becoming acute as more and more processor cores are integrated into a single chip and demand higher memory bandwidth through limited chip pins. Optical memory interconnection network (OMIN) promises high bandwidth, bandwidth density, and energy(More)
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