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In this paper, a nonlinear controller is proposed to handle some nonlinear control problems. In this scheme, the controller uses the system error, the integral of the system error, and the derivative of the system error as its inputs but the mapping from the inputs to the output is nonlinear. The corresponding nonlinear mapping may be specified based on the(More)
For the problem of local minimum for gradient descent method used to train an RBF (Radial Basis Function) neural network, EP (evolutionary programming) is introduced to the training of RBF neural network in this paper. The combination method of EP and gradient descent method can effectively avoid local minimum, and provides a more reasonable network design.(More)
State of charge (SOC) is an essential parameter for battery management system (BMS). Accurate estimation of SOC ensures battery work within a reasonable range, which can prevent overcharge or over-discharge damage to extend battery life. The third-order RC equivalent circuit model is established to describe the characteristics of battery, in which the(More)
A novel method is proposed to minimize the torque ripple of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) that is the first choice to be used in the electric vehicle. Based on the analysis of the phase plane of the flux linkage, the phase plane-based variable structure control (PPBVSC) is applied to preprocess the flux linkage deviation. On the other hand, an(More)
Because of driving load directly and linear move, the servo performance of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor (PMLSM) is influenced by gliding friction, dent force, load force and other external disturbances seriously. Sliding Mode Control (SMC) is insensitive to parameters variations and disturbances, simple in physics realization and quick in(More)
During to the non derivability for triangle wave reference trajectory, whose high-frequency harmonics will stimulate the resonant modes in the high-frequency voice coil motor (VCM), the traditional speed and acceleration feed forwards can not be achieved. In this paper, the triangle wave was Fourier transformed to get its Fourier series composed of several(More)
With a similar diagonal recurrent neural networks hysteresis model describing dynamic hysteresis behavior for piezoceramic, an adaptive inverse control, in which inverse model for piezoceramic is obtained by the feedback error learning method, is proposed. In modeling process, Jacobian information of piezoceramic is not be used so that modeling for(More)
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