Xuanjing Shen

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Sensor node localization is the basis for the entire wireless sensor networks. Because of restricted energy of the sensor nodes, the location error, costs of communication and computation should be considered in localization algorithms. DV-Hop localization algorithm is a typical positioning algorithm that has nothing to do with distance. In the isotropic(More)
—In this work, a robust thresholding algorithm framework based on reconstruction and dimensionality reduction of the three-dimensional (3-D) histogram is proposed with the consideration of the poor anti-noise performance in existing 3-D histogram-based segmentation methods due to the obviously wrong region division. Firstly, our method reconstructs the 3-D(More)
—As for the problem that ElGamal digital signature scheme's security is constantly being challenged and increasingly becomes increasingly serious, an improved ElGamal digital signature algorithm is proposed. As the original ElGamal algorithm has its own security disadvantages that only one random number is used, in order to improve its security, the scheme(More)
—Application of digital signature technology becomes more extensive, but many exposed digital signature algorithms have increasingly revealed some shortcomings and deficiencies. Aiming directly at the frequently used digital signature technologies, which are weak to Substitution Attack and Homeostasis Attack, the authors perform the hash transformation on(More)
Many images, of natural or man-made scenes often contain Similar but Genuine Objects (SGO). This poses a challenge to existing Copy-Move Forgery Detection (CMFD) methods which match the key points / blocks, solely based on the pair similarity in the scene. To address such issue, we propose a novel CMFD method using Scaled Harris Feature Descrip-tors (SHFD)(More)