Xuanhui Lu

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A new mathematical model, described as hollow Gaussian beams (HGBs), is proposed to describe a dark hollow laser beam (DHB). The area of the dark region across the HGBs can easily be controlled by proper choice of the beam parameters. Based on the Collins integral, an analytical propagation formula for the HGBs through a paraxial optical system is derived.(More)
The radiation force of highly focused Lorentz-Gauss beams (LG beam) on a dielectric sphere in the Rayleigh scattering regime is theoretically studied. The numerical results show that the Lorentz-Gauss beam can be used to trap particles with the refractive index larger than that of the ambient. The radiation force distribution has been studied under(More)
We theoretically and experimentally study the propagation characteristics of the circular Airy beam (CAB) when its first few light rings are blocked. It is shown that the focus position of the blocked CAB will remain the same, and its abruptly autofocusing property will be enhanced. Since the maximum focal intensity almost remains the same when the first(More)
We have proposed a kind of modified circular Airy beam (MCAB) based upon a modification of the Fourier spectrum of circular Airy beams (CAB) in this paper. Unlike most abruptly autofocusing beams, the position of peak intensity of MCAB can be moved to any rings behind. Two apodization parameters are introduced to describe the propagation characteristics of(More)
The radiation force of circular Airy beams (CAB) on a dielectric Rayleigh particle is investigated in this paper. Our results show that the CAB can be used to trap the particle whose refractive index is larger than the ambient at different positions along the beam axis. Comparing with the Gaussian beam under the same conditions, the longitudinal and the(More)
We investigated the propagation dynamics of the Circular Airy Beams (CAB) with optical vortices (OVs) by numerical calculation. Comparing to the common CAB, the maximum intensity of CAB with vortices can be increased greatly at the focal plane and its focal intensity profile is doughnut-shaped when an on-axis vortex is imposed. The case for an off-axis OV(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the effect of the World Bank-loaned tuberculosis control project in Ningxia Hui autonomous region. METHOD Five counties which can reflect the situation of tuberculosis control in Ningxia were selected for observation, and the same method of surveillance was carried out. The subjects investigated were required to fill in the(More)
Propagations of coherent and partially coherent flat-topped beams through a focusing optical system are formulated. The radiation force on a Rayleigh dielectric sphere induced by focused coherent and partially coherent flat-topped beams is investigated theoretically. It is found that we can increase the transverse trapping range at the planes near the focal(More)
We have designed and implemented a highly digital optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) for diode lasers in atom interferometry. The three parts of controlling circuit in this OPLL, including phase and frequency detector (PFD), loop filter and proportional integral derivative (PID) controller, are implemented in a single field programmable gate array chip. A(More)