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The ultra wide-band (UWB) technology is going to become one of main technologies in short-range high-rate wireless communications due to its unique characteristics. This paper presents a new modulation scheme-pulse width modulation (PWM) for UWB communication systems and describes the signal model modulated by this modulation scheme based on the(More)
The maximum likelihood (ML) approach is a classical approach to the channel estimation problem. However, without reducing the number of parameters, the complexity is prohibitive. This paper proposes a (data-aided) DA simplified ML channel estimation algorithm based on unstructured channel model and time-hopping binary phase shift keying (TH-BPSK) modulation(More)
Abstract: For disadvantages of the large flux and torque ripple and current waveform distortion of Direct Torque Control (BASIC-DTC), the DTC scheme for induction motor based on torque angle closed-loop control was presented and the proposed scheme was realized with three methods of torque angle closed-loop control. The main characterisitics of three(More)
There are strong noise components included in the reference signal and the received signal of the ultrawideband (UWB) differential transmitted reference (DTR) autocorrelation receiver, which impact on the receiver's performance seriously. Therefore this paper proposes a autocorrelation receiver based on average differential transmitted reference (ADTR).(More)
For the disadvantage of the induction motor direct torque control system's performance when it runs in a low velocity, the full order flux observer is used to achieve the stator flux observation, On the basis of the closed-loop flux observer, the speed adaptive observer is constructed based on MRAS. The new method of pole placement is Proposed to achieve(More)
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