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Follicular T-helper cell recruitment governed by bystander B cells and ICOS-driven motility
Germinal centres support antibody affinity maturation and memory formation. Follicular T-helper cells promote proliferation and differentiation of antigen-specific B cells inside the follicle. AExpand
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The kappa-opioid receptor is upregulated in the spinal cord and locus ceruleus but downregulated in the dorsal root ganglia of morphine tolerant rats
As a non-selective agonist of opioid receptors, morphine can also act on the kappa-opioid receptor (KOR) when activating the mu-opioid receptor (MOR) and delta-opioid receptor (DOR). AlthoughExpand
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FOXO1 deficiency impairs proteostasis in aged T cells
Impaired FOXO1 expression in CD4 T cell responses from old adults causes expanded multivesicular bodies sequestering GSK3β. T cell differentiation involves the dynamic regulation of FOXO1 expression,Expand
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[Effect of fentanyl on expression of mu-receptor and beta-arrestin 2 in periaqueductal gray of rats tolerant to morphine].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of fentanyl upon the expression of mu-receptor and beta-arrestin 2 in peri-aqueductal gray of morphine-tolerant rats. METHODS Forty male SD rats weighing (230Expand
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Ecto-NTPDase CD39 is a negative checkpoint that inhibits follicular helper cell generation.
Vaccination is a mainstay in preventive medicine, reducing morbidity and mortality from infection, largely by generating pathogen-specific neutralizing antibodies. However, standard immunizationExpand
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Anterior herniation of lumbar disc induces persistent visceral pain: discogenic visceral pain
Background Visceral pain is a common cause for seeking medical attention. Afferent fibers innervating viscera project to the central nervous system via sympathetic nerves. The lumbar sympatheticExpand
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Distinct Age-Related Epigenetic Signatures in CD4 and CD8 T Cells
Healthy immune aging is in part determined by how well the sizes of naïve T cell compartments are being maintained with advancing age. Throughout adult life, replenishment largely derives fromExpand