Xuan-min Lu

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Due to the shortcomings of the large data and time consuming in the conventional image mosaic algorithms, an improved algorithm based on Speeded-up Robust Features(SURF) is presented in this paper. The integral image is introduced for image convolutions to reduce the computation and Hessian matrix is adopted for the detector to extract the interest points.(More)
Random port, blurred protocol features, as well as HTTP tunneling technology have become more and more popular in the new P2P applications. It makes current P2P traffic identification methods based on traffic features or deep packet inspection increasingly ineffective. To resolve this problem, a new P2P traffic identification model based on node's status is(More)
To resolve the problems of security and ciphertext query efficiency for the XML database, a ciphertext retrieval model is presented in this paper. In this model, the value index and structure index in the encrypted XML database are established and the entrance addresses are recorded with the bucket management algorithm to realize the rapid retrieval for(More)
In this paper, a novel platform of coal mine security monitoring and alarming system is proposed by taking advantage of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology and Intel Celeron embedded processor GENE-8310. Meanwhile, an improved S-MAC protocol is proposed. The simulation shows that it can provide better performance in both throughput and energy(More)
In this paper, an improved SIFT algorithm with Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA-SIFT) is presented for image registration. Gaussian kernel function is applied to the PCA to extract the principal component for reduced-dimension processing of SIFT descriptor to each feature point. The matched keypoints are selected through similar measure, and the(More)
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