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Learning Entity and Relation Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion
TransR is proposed to build entity and relation embeddings in separate entity space and relation spaces to build translations between projected entities and to evaluate the models on three tasks including link prediction, triple classification and relational fact extraction. Expand
A Hierarchical Combination of Factors Shapes the Genome-wide Topography of Yeast Meiotic Recombination Initiation
This analysis offers mechanistic insight into DSB formation and early processing steps, supporting the view that the recombination terrain is molded by combinatorial and hierarchical interaction of factors that work on widely different size scales. Expand
Multistage speaker diarization of broadcast news
This paper describes recent advances in speaker diarization with a multistage segmentation and clustering system, which incorporates a speaker identification step. This system builds upon theExpand
Homologue engagement controls meiotic DNA break number and distribution
It is shown that DSBs form in greater numbers in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells lacking ZMM proteins, and feedback tied to ZMM function contributes in unexpected ways to spatial patterning of recombination. Expand
Simulating Land Cover Changes and Their Impacts on Land Surface Temperature in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Simulation results show that if the current trend continues, 56% and 87% of the DMP area will likely to experience temperatures in the range of greater than or equal to 30°C in 2019 and 2029, respectively. Expand
Personalized Dialogue Generation with Diversified Traits
This paper constructs PersonalDialog, a large-scale multi-turn dialogue dataset containing various traits from a large number of speakers, and proposes persona-aware dialogue generation models within the sequence to sequence learning framework. Expand
Accessibility Analyst: An Integrated GIS Tool for Accessibility Analysis in Urban Transportation Planning
An integrated GIS tool, Accessibility Analyst, for accessibility analysis in urban transportation planning, built as an extension to the desktop GIS software package, ArcView, and can be applied to a wide range of issues in urban Transportation planning. Expand
Improving Speaker Diarization
This paper describes the LIMSI speaker diarization system used in the RT-04F evaluation. The RT-04F system builds upon the LIMSI baseline data partitioner, which is used in the broadcast newsExpand
High-Resolution Global Analysis of the Influences of Bas1 and Ino4 Transcription Factors on Meiotic DNA Break Distributions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
R roles of these TFs on DSB hotspot strength cannot be simply explained via chromatin “openness,” histone modification, or compensatory interactions between adjacent hotspots, counter to prevailing models. Expand