Xuan-Ye Gu

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We investigate the performance of the protocols for cooperative communications, such as amplify-forward and decode-forward, in correlated fading channels. Our analytical and simulation results show that correlation can have varied effects on the capacity, compared to the uncorrelated cases. If the quality of the source-destination channel is better, in(More)
We investigate the performance of an experimental wireless relay sensor network comprising a source node, a destination node and dedicated relay nodes. Two relaying algorithms, dynamic relaying and fixed relaying, are tested to find out to what extent the relaying algorithms could bring any benefit to a wireless sensor network. A simple scheme is applied at(More)
We evaluate traffic scheduling and QoS via a simulation model for wireless multimedia applications. This model utilizes a scheduling mechanism for performance assessment for different users carrying different applications. The scheduling mechanism is verified via simulations with a variety traffic characteristics and performance metrics. A toolbox for the(More)
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