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Search personalization that considers the social dimension of the web has attracted a significant volume of research in recent years. A user profile is usually needed to represent a user's interests in order to tailor future searches. Previous research has typically constructed a profile solely from a user's usage information. When the user has only limited(More)
Natural human-robot interaction requires different and more robust models of language understanding (NLU) than non-embodied NLU systems. In particular, architectures are required that (1) process language incrementally in order to be able to provide early backchannel feedback to human speakers; (2) use pragmatic contexts throughout the understanding process(More)
—With demands increasing in lunar and Mars explorations, the need for a new space communication standard protocol is becoming more and more critical. The DTN Research Group (DTNRG) is developing a series of communication protocols with new architecture, generally called DTN protocols, to tolerate highly stressed communication environments with long(More)
In 2011, China's Internet population reached over half a billion users and the popular Twitter-like social networking service, Weibo, has been adopted by half of the users since its launch in August 2009. Given the potential of the Internet to facilitate a civic culture in the authoritarian state, the use of Weibo and its effects on citizens' political(More)
—TCP experiences severe performance degradation in cislunar communications because of some assumptions built into its design. Delay/disruption tolerant networking (DTN) is a class of network techniques that is developed to work over internet protocols to accommodate long link delay and frequent link disruptions in space communication environment. Most of(More)
—While the window-based mechanism is not favorable in a space communication environment which is characterized by a large BDP, the potential of the rate-based Internet-type protocols to have low loss by maintaining a smooth data flow has made them attractive in space. However, very few studies have been done on the development and evaluation of rate-based(More)
Conventional training methods for diagonal recurrent neural networks iden-tifier are limited to the first and second derivative methods. In this paper, a novel training algorithm based on evolutionary programming (EP) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) for evolutionary diagonal recurrent neural network (EDRNN) is proposed. Meanwhile , a new select mode(More)
—Some work has been done in evaluating the performance of the rate-based SCPS-Pure Rate Control and the store-and-forward CFDP protocol. In this paper, we present an experimental performance comparison between SCPS-Pure Rate Control and the CFDP in the deferred mode over a simulated error-pone, long-delayed, point-to-point cislunar communication link. The(More)
Microblog is a platform for publishing and sharing short (140 characters or less) messages with others within a user's social network – is an Internet medium that is growing exponentially and changing the way people communicate on the Internet. To explore the effect of microblogging on interpersonal relationships, this study examines the relationships(More)