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In this paper, we propose an opportunistic spectrum sharing protocol that exploits the situation when the primary system is incapable of supporting its target transmission rate. Specifically, the secondary system tries to help the primary system to achieve its target rate via two-phase cooperative OFDM relaying, where the secondary system acts as an(More)
We study the effect of bacterial motion on micron-scale beads in a freely suspended soap film. Given the sizes of bacteria and beads, the geometry of the experiment is quasi-two-dimensional. Large positional fluctuations are observed for beads as large as 10 microm in diameter, and the measured mean-square displacements indicate superdiffusion in short(More)
The statistical properties of the local topology of two-dimensional turbulence are investigated using an electromagnetically forced soap film. The local topology of the incompressible 2D flow is characterized by the Jacobian determinant Lambda(x,y) = 1 / 4(omega(2)-sigma(2)), where omega(x,y) is the local vorticity and sigma(x,y) is the local strain rate.(More)
In this paper, we consider opportunistic spectrum sharing when the primary system experiences unfavorable channel conditions. In the proposed spectrum sharing protocol, the secondary system tries to help the primary system to achieve its target rate by acting as an amplify-and-forward relay and allocating a fraction of its subcarriers to forward the primary(More)
The near future of image processing techniques state the compatibility issues of applied algorithms with storage techniques and data transmission across noisy environment. Image compression is a vital element that is employed due to its characteristics of image size reduction without considerable data loss. This paper employs an SAR image compression(More)
Compression is necessary for video coding, which introduces the fundamental of video image formation. The efficient, fast encoding, lossy and lossless technique are required for video coding for different application. Focus is concentrated on the lossless intra coding method in video image besides various video coding standards. The upcoming H. 264 video(More)
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