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Dwarfism in males is a common phenomenon in planktonic monogonont rotifers. Considering the small body size of males, some studies suggested that the development time of male rotifers is faster than that of females. However, empirical studies associated with such a speculation are scarce. In this study, we used two common rotifer species, Brachionus(More)
In October 2011, an investigation was conducted on the macrobenthos at 45 sampling sites in the Weihe River basin of Northwest China. A total of 116 macrobenthos species were collected, of which, 91 species (78.4%) were aquatic insects, 12 species (10.3%) were mollusks, 9 species (7.8%) were annelids, and 4 species (3.4%) were crustaceans. According to the(More)
Taking the Hunhe River water system in Liaoning Province of Northeast China as a case, this paper investigated the community structure of periphyton and the physical and chemical characteristics of water environment at 62 sampling sites, and, by using the biological integrity index of periphyton (P-IBI) and the habitat environment quality index (QHEI), a(More)
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