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BACKGROUND Fractures of distal radius are common injury in all age groups. Cast treatment with or without close reduction is a viable option. However, the results are often unsatisfactory with restricted function. The open reduction and internal fixation often results in extensive soft tissue dissection and associated high rates of infect and(More)
C-erbB2 (HER-2/neu) plays an important role in the progression of several types of cancer by increasing tumor growth, migration, invasion, and metastasis and is associated with poor disease prognosis. Numerous studies examining the relationship between c-erbB2 expression and prognostic impact in patients with osteosarcoma have yielded inconclusive results.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare clinical effects between percutaneous compressing plating (PCCP) and proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) for the treatment of patients with intertrochanteric fracture with risk external wall. METHODS From September 2007 to June 2010, 43 patients with intertrochanteric fracture with risk external wall were treated by PCCP or PFNA(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of modified vacuum sealing drainage (VSD) technique in treating refractory sinus in the lower leg. METHODS From January 2010 to December 2011, 11 patients with refractory sinus in the lower leg, including 7 males and 4 females, with an average age of 34.5 years (ranged,23 to 56). These patients were treated with(More)
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