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We report a novel system for the accurate measurement of all polarization related parameters, including polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss, using binary magneto-optic polarization rotators. By taking advantage of the binary nature of the rotators, we achieved unprecedented DGD, SOPMD, and PDL accuracies of 2.6 fs, 1.39ps(2), and(More)
We demonstrate a simple method for efficient coupling of standard single-mode optical fibers to a high- Q optical microsphere cavity. Phase-matched excitation of whispering-gallery modes is provided by an angle-polished fiber tip in which the core-guided wave undergoes total internal reflection. In the experimental setup, which included a microsphere with(More)
We describe and demonstrate a novel device in which a microwave oscillation and an optical oscillation are generated and directly coupled with each other. With the mutual influence between the microwave and the optical oscillations, we project that this device is capable of simultaneously generating stable optical pulses down to the subpicosecond level and(More)
We describe a novel oscillator that converts continuous light energy into stable and spectrally pure microwave signals. This light-induced microwave oscillator (LIMO) consists of a pump laser and a feedback circuit, including an intensity modulator, an optical fiber delay line, a photodetector, an amplifier, and a filter. We develop a quasilinear theory and(More)
Leaf color has been commonly used as an index for crop stress status diagnosis. We have developed a low-cost and non-destructive method that is easy to use to assess the health status of plants, based on the estimation of chlorophyll content of leaves using a portable digital camera. Relationships between chlorophyll content and leaf image color indices in(More)
As data communications rates climb toward 10 Gbits/s, clock recovery and synchronization become more difficult, if not impossible, using conventional electronic circuits. The high-speed photonic clock regenerator described in this article may be more suitable for such use. This photonic regenerator is based on a previously reported photonic oscillator(More)
We report a novel oscillator for photonic RF systems. This oscillator is capable of generating high-frequency signals up to 70 GHz in both electrical and optical domains and is a special voltage-controlled oscillator with an optical output port. It can be used to make a phase-locked loop (PLL) and perform all functions that a PLL is capable of for photonic(More)
A low-cost millimeter-wave dielectric-resonator filter using a high-order whispering gallery mode with the coupling of curved microstrip transmission line has been successfully developed for the mode selection in a millimeter-wave optoelec-tronic oscillator. The achieved 3-dB bandwidth of this filter is 10.5 MHz (loaded quality factor, Q, is about 3,000) or(More)