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Stable isotope analyses of precipitation nitrogen sources in Guiyang, southwestern China.
To constrain sources of anthropogenic nitrogen (N) deposition is critical for effective reduction of reactive N emissions and better evaluation of N deposition effects. This study measured δ15NExpand
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Composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil from the aerial part of Artemisia annua
Artemisia annua is widely used as a key component of traditional Chinese medicine in China. The components of the essential oil extracted by hydro distillation from the stems and spikes of A. annuaExpand
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Chemical compositions and antimicrobial activities of essential oils extracted from Acanthopanax brachypus
The essential oils from the flowers, leaves, barks, roots and fruits of A. brachypus were individually extracted by hydrodistillation, and their chemical constituents were isolated and characterizedExpand
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Inter-species and intra-annual variations of moss nitrogen utilization: Implications for nitrogen deposition assessment.
Moss nitrogen (N) concentrations and natural 15N abundance (δ15N values) have been widely employed to evaluate annual levels and major sources of atmospheric N deposition. However, different mossExpand
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Nitrogen isotope variations of ammonium across rain events: Implications for different scavenging between ammonia and particulate ammonium.
Enhanced ammonia (NH3) emissions and deposition caused negative effects on air quality and ecosystems. Precipitation is an efficient pathway to remove NH3 and particulate ammonium (p-NH4+) from theExpand
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[Studies on phenolic compounds from Polygonum aviculane].
OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents from the aerial parts of Polygomun aviculane. METHOD The chemical constituents were isolated by silica gel column chromatography and preparative silicaExpand
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Study on the interactions of kaempferol and quercetin with intravenous immunoglobulin by fluorescence quenching, fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy and circular dichroism spectroscopy.
  • Y. Liu, Z. Yang, +6 authors Hong Li
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  • 1 April 2008
The interactions of kaempferol and quercetin with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) were studied in vitro by spectroscopic methods including fluorescence spectra, Fourier transformation infraredExpand
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Constituents of the root of Anemone tomentosa
A new diterpene glycoside, tomentoside I (1), along with eleven known compounds, including the four coumarins, 4,5-dimethoxyl-7-methylcoumarin (2), 4,7-dimethoxyl-5-methylcoumarin (3), isofraxidinExpand
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Phenolic Compounds from Elsholtzia bodinieri Van't
Seven phenolic compounds, including one new compound trans-3,4,3',5'-tetrahydroxy-4'-methylstilbene 4-O-β-D-xylopyranosyl-(1→6)-β-D)-glucopyranoside (1), together with six known compoundsExpand
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Two New Clerodane Diterpenoid Glucosides (I) and Other Constituents from the Roots of Elsholtzia bodinieri Van′t.
Two new clerodane diterpenoid glucosides, 6-hydroxy-(-)-hardwickiic acid 2'-β-D-glucopyranosylbenzyl ester 1 and 6,7-dihydroxy-(-)-hardwickiic acid 2'-β-D-glucopyranosylbenzyl ester 2, together withExpand
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