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A new type of graphitic C3N4-based composite photocatalysts was designed and prepared by co-loading PEDOT as a hole transport pathway and Pt as an electron trap on C3N4. The as-prepared C3N4-PEDOT-Pt composites showed drastically enhanced activity for visible light-driven photocatalytic H2 production compared to those of C3N4-PEDOT and C3N4-Pt, possibly due(More)
A new family of Ir(III) complexes were synthesised and employed as light-induced hydrogen-production photosensitisers in aqueous systems, where hydrogen evolution was observed only when the PS* was reduced by the sacrificial agent, NEt3, signifying that a minimum potential difference of >0.2 V between E(PS*/PS(-)) and E(NEt3(+)/NEt3) is required for(More)
Visible-light-responsive anatase TiO(2) platelets with dominant {001} facets were prepared via a facile nitridation reaction from a TiOF(2) precursor. The in situ co-doping of N and F in the anatase TiO(2) nanoparticles leads to drastically enhanced absorption and excellent water oxidation performance in the visible light region.
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