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Along with wide application of e-mail nowadays, many spam e-mails flood into people's email inboxes and bring catastrophe to their study and work. This paper presents a novel anti-spam e-mail filter based-LVQ network in terms of spam e-mails which are mainly made up of several kinds commercial or political spam emails at present. Our experiment has proved(More)
Reliability wall is one of the most challenging problems for next generation High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Traditional system design adopts extra fault tolerance mechanism. However, the cost of fault tolerance mechanism itself may incur huge cost, so as to decrease the utilization ratio of the HPC system. To address this problem, we present(More)
Data races hidden in concurrent programs have caused severe failures. To improve the reliability, many race detectors are proposed. However, most of the reported races are not harmful, which consumes manual effort to identify the harmful races. This paper proposes RaceChecker that can detect the potential races and identify the harmful races effectively and(More)
A sample of 109 type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) with recession velocity 30,000 km s −1 , is compiled from published SNe Ia light curves to explore the expansion rate of the local Universe. Based on the color parameter ∆C 12 and the decline rate ∆m 15 , we found that the average absorption to reddening ratio for SN Ia host galaxies to be R are systematically(More)
In this paper we present catalogs of photometric and spectroscopic data for M81 globular clusters (GCs). The catalogs include B− and V − photometric and reddening data of 95 GCs, and spectroscopic metallicities of 40 GCs in M81. Using these data, we make some statistical correlations. The results show that the distributions of intrinsic B and V colors and(More)
Large and complex maize BIBAC inserts, even with a length of about 164 kb and repeat sequences of 88.1 %, were transferred into rice. The BIBAC vector has been established to clone large DNA fragments and directly transfer them into plants. Previously, we have constructed a maize B73 BIBAC library and demonstrated that the BIBAC clones were stable in(More)
Multithreaded programs execute nondeterministically on conventional architectures and operating systems. This complicates many tasks, including debugging and testing. Deterministic multithreading (DMT) makes the output of a multithreaded program depend on its inputs only, which can totally solve the above problem. However, current DMT implementations suffer(More)