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Endothelin converting enzyme (ECE-1) is a candidate Alzheimer disease susceptibility gene. It was previously reported that western individuals homozygous for the C-338A polymorphism (AA) within the ECE1 gene promoter region are at reduced risk of developing late onset Alzheimer disease (LOAD). A further polymorphism, T-839G, is present within the ECE1(More)
Several lines of evidence supported the involvement of ECE-1 in the development of atherosclerosis disease. We investigated the C-338A polymorphism of the ECE-1b gene in carotid atherosclerosis. A cohort of 518 Chinese carotid atherosclerosis patients and 518 controls matched by age and sex were examined for the ECE-1b C-338A polymorphism. The ECE-1b-338 A(More)
Electromagnetic flowmeter was adopted to measure the flow quantity of coal water slurry (CWS) transport pipeline, and the average flow velocity of pipeline was calculated by using the measured inductive electromotive force value. Then the Reynolds number of fluid in the pipeline was calculated and the fluid in the CWS transport pipeline was proved to be(More)
Given the limitations of lacking communication Quality of Service (QoS) evaluation at power service-section according to the current bandwidth prediction method in power distribution and utilization network, a calculation method supporting the quantitative evaluation of QoS is proposed to predict the service-section communication bandwidth, which is based(More)
When RFID systems become pervasive in our life, tag search becomes crucial. However, the problem of RFID search has not been widely addressed in the literature. RFID search protocol which is used to find specific tags has many applications such as inventory management, supply chain management. In this paper, we propose a set of secure and private Hash-based(More)
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