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The application of GPRS technique to vehicle monitoring system
According to the characteristics of GPRS, a viewpoint of using GPRS as the new communication method in an automatic vehicles location and management system is proposed. This paper introduces theExpand
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Analysis and solution of path planning based on the electronic map
By adding the codes into the existed system,the path can be demonstrated on the electronic map in a proper and efficient way.It is necessary to add the function of path planning on the basis of existing electronic map generated from ShapeFile format source file,and creat the optimum path according to more information of road. Expand
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The Application Research of Data Mining Technology in the Assisting Ship Navigation Using Ocean Current
Ocean current exerts a great influence on ship navigation and sailing safety. Based on the further investigation in the research results of ocean current and ocean environmental database, the shipExpand
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Research and design of ocean environment information processing system base on ECDIS
Applying the electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS),a assurance system of navigation safety was developed.The system could provided many function like basic ocean environment factorExpand
Evolution of Bond-Order-Wave Phase in One-Dimensional Mott Insulators
In this paper, by using the level spectroscopy method and bosonization theory, we discuss the evolution of the bond-order-wave (BOW) phase in a one-dimensional half-filled extended Hubbard model withExpand
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Review on China's English Phonological Acquisition Research(2005—2014)
Phonological acquisition plays a crucial part in second acquisition. However,in mainland China,educators have been long ignoring the phase of teaching phonological system at college level,which hasExpand
On the Features of Online Translation
This article analyzes the major features of internet translation andaims to enhance peoples' understanding about this new type of translation activity so that there will turn out more reflections on theunsettled problems and disadvantages. Expand
A Survey to Relational Technologies of Decision Support System
Decision Support System(DSS) is a important method for modern management, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, On-line Analytical Processing are three main technology applied in it, this paper introduces them from several aspects such as specialties, applying status, relational questions and basic technologies. Expand
Research on the key Issues and countermeasures of implementation of Witkey teaching mode to cultivate the applied technique-oriented Talent
To make Witkey teaching model applied better in the field of education and more effectively cultivate application technology talents,it is necessary to analyse the key issues of implementation ofExpand
A Quantum Monte Carlo Study on Mixed-Spin Chains of 1/2-1/2-1-1 and 3/2-3/2-1-1*
The ground-state and thermodynamic properties of quantum mixed-spin chains of 1/2-1/2-1-1 and 3/2-3/2-1-1 are investigated by a quantum Monte Carlo simulation with the loop-cluster algorithm. ForExpand
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