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Pluripotent stem cells can be induced from somatic cells, providing an unlimited cell resource, with potential for studying disease and use in regenerative medicine. However, genetic manipulation and technically challenging strategies such as nuclear transfer used in reprogramming limit their clinical applications. Here, we show that pluripotent stem cells(More)
Voltage-gated sodium (Na(v)) channels are essential for the rapid depolarization of nerve and muscle, and are important drug targets. Determination of the structures of Na(v) channels will shed light on ion channel mechanisms and facilitate potential clinical applications. A family of bacterial Na(v) channels, exemplified by the Na(+)-selective channel of(More)
In our previous studies, we have demonstrated an ERP correlate of visual memory with a modified delayed matching-to-sample paradigm using a series of nonsense line drawings or faces as stimuli. In this experiment, we employed pictures of objects to determine whether the ERP can reflect the object recognition process and whether visual stimuli with a verbal(More)
In a series of event-related potential (ERP) studies, we have consistently demonstrated an ERP component correlate of visual short-term memory. There have been frequent reports on the deficits of information encoding, retention, and retrieval in chronic alcoholics. In the present study, we investigated that the ERP mnemonic effects could be influenced by(More)
BACKGROUND Whether healthy older people can benefit from cognitive training (CogTr) remains controversial. This study explored the benefits of CogTr in community dwelling, healthy, older adults and compared the effects of single-domain with multi-domain CogTr interventions. METHODS A randomized, controlled, 3-month trial of CogTr with double-blind(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence from P300 studies in both alcohol-dependent and high-risk (HR) individuals suggests that the reduced P300 amplitudes that often characterize these individuals may reflect a deficit in inhibition (hyperexcitability) in the central nervous system. In this context, the mismatch negativity (MMN) was investigated in the male and female HR(More)
Somatic cells can be reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) by using pure chemicals, providing a different paradigm to study somatic reprogramming. However, the cell fate dynamics and molecular events that occur during the chemical reprogramming process remain unclear. We now show that the chemical reprogramming process requires the early formation(More)
—This paper presents a framework for hand gesture recognition based on the information fusion of a three-axis ac-celerometer (ACC) and multichannel electromyography (EMG) sensors. In our framework, the start and end points of meaningful gesture segments are detected automatically by the intensity of the EMG signals. A decision tree and multistream hidden(More)