Xu-Yu Li

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Mn(III) is a powerful active site for catalytic oxidation of alkyl aromatics, but it can be only stabilized by macrocyclic chelating ligands such porphyrinates. Herein, by using benzobistriazolate as a rigid bridging ligand, a porous Mn(II) azolate framework with a nitrogen-rich coordinated environment similar to that of metalloporphyrins was synthesized,(More)
Tremendous efforts have been devoted to increasing the CO2 capture performance of porous materials, especially for low CO2 concentration environments. Here, we report that hydrazine can be used as a diamine short enough to functionalize the small-pore metal-organic framework [Mg2(dobdc)] (H4dobdc = 2,5-dihydroxyl-1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid). By virtue of(More)
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