Xu Ye

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In this work we study the feasibility and usability of an assistive food journaling system that sends users just-in-time reminders when unique hand gestures during food consumption are detected using a smartwatch. Our study shows that participants were able to sustain food logging throughout a 2-week period with the help of our eating detection system, as(More)
—Automatic Eating Detection (AED) provides an important tool to help users regulate their dietary behavior for many health applications, such as weight management. In this paper we propose an AED solution using a head-mount and a wrist-worn accelerometers that are commonly available in commercial wearable devices. Experimental results, using Google Glass(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to identify miRNAs and genes involved in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) radioresistance, and explore the underlying mechanisms in the development of radioresistance. METHODS We used microarrays to compare the differences of both miRNA and mRNA expression profiles in the radioresistant NPC CNE2-IR and radiosensitive(More)
Our goal was to explore the factors influencing the visualization of anterior peritoneal reflections (APRs) using rectal MRI. We evaluated the usefulness of rectal MRI in measuring the distance from the anal verge to the APR and determining the relationship between the APR and the rectal tumor. Clinical and imaging data from 319 patients who underwent(More)
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