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—Automatic Eating Detection (AED) provides an important tool to help users regulate their dietary behavior for many health applications, such as weight management. In this paper we propose an AED solution using a head-mount and a wrist-worn accelerometers that are commonly available in commercial wearable devices. Experimental results, using Google Glass(More)
In this work we study the feasibility and usability of an assistive food journaling system that sends users just-in-time reminders when unique hand gestures during food consumption are detected using a smartwatch. Our study shows that participants were able to sustain food logging throughout a 2-week period with the help of our eating detection system, as(More)
The single greatest opportunity to improve health and reduce premature death lies in personal behavior. While technology-based behavior intervention has been around for many years, the emerging smartphone and wearable sensing technology brings great promise to push health behavior change further by inferring and predicting real-time behavior occurrence and(More)
Despite the continued technology advances for smartphones, there are still few tools available to end users for understanding the causes of the network problems when encountered. The users often have to rely on the signal bars, which unfortunately is a poor indicator of real network issues that may arise even when the signal is good. In this paper, we(More)
  • Xu Ye
  • 2010
This paper proposes another technique to forecast Chinese mobile user based on the ARIMA model. There are two major premises to use ARIMA model in mobile user prediction: mobile market is mature and still has big space for development. On the basis of the historical incremental mobile user number from 2002q1 to 2009q4, through model identification and(More)
The advantage and disadvantage of the IT system and the system's actuality are expatiated. Kinds of standards in low-voltage power distribution system about the IT system neutral conductor can be distributed or not are discussed. The neutral conductor in IT system can be distributed or not is depended on its insulation monitoring. The principle of IT system(More)
—The first and second layer factors of a host risk on the network is designed and a factor system of the network risk evaluation is built in the paper. To achieve the quantitative evaluation for host risk on the network, the improved AHP method is used as well as experiment is carried out. Finally, it indicates that this approach is able to quantitatively(More)
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