Xu Xue Biao

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BACKGROUND The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are monitored using national-level statistics, which have shown substantial improvements in many countries. These statistics may be misleading, however, and may divert resources from disadvantaged populations within the same countries that are showing progress. The purpose of this article is to set out the(More)
BACKGROUND The primary unit of tuberculosis (TB) medical care in China is the county TB dispensary or county designated hospital (CTD), where patients can receive free diagnosis and treatment. However, a substantial number of patients seek their anti-TB treatment from general health facilities (Non-CTDs). This study aimed to investigate the first anti-TB(More)
This paper is based on the so called 1981 "Yorkshire ripper", which is the British criminal suspected of 13 murders. To crack the serial killing, the triangular distribution and cluster analysis are used to analyze the details of case. Combined with criminal psychology, we can find out the mass center of criminal attack sites and obtain the geographical(More)
T he global commitment to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) process has resulted in significant, positive changes in health-related MDGs on the global and country levels since 1990 (1). However, while overall progress has been made, gaps in achievements between and within many countries have not decreased, with the poorest and most disadvantaged(More)
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