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A genetic etiology for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) was first suggested from twin studies reported in the 1970s. The identification of gene mutations in syndromic ASDs provided evidence to support a genetic cause of ASDs. More recently, genome-wide copy number variant and sequence analyses have uncovered a list of rare and highly penetrant copy number(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess functional integrity of the auditory brainstem in neonates with transient low Apgar scores. METHODS Forty-two term infants were studied with brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) using the maximum length sequence during the first month of life. All had transient low Apgar scores but no clinical signs of hypoxic-ischaemic(More)
  • Xu Xiu
  • 2010 3rd International Symposium on Parallel…
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To organize the distributed computing system resources to form the level structure to carry on the management provides the basis for the computation task assignment and the dispatch resources. According to the characteristic of the arrangement matching recursion, based on the sole data inserting in the cru-node, one method of sub-tree to be formed one pile(More)
Agile product development, which is presented by foreign scholars in recent years, is a new product-developing model based on speed competition. In this paper, characteristics of agile product development model, technology base and management pattern are explored. Also obtained are the six characteristics that the model has. They are rapid reaction quality,(More)
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