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The poor quality of effluent discharged by municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is threatening the safety of water ecology. This study, which integrated a field survey, batch tests, and microbial community identification, was designed to improve the effectiveness of the enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) process for WWTPs. Over(More)
INTRODUCTION This is the first study to assess cerebral microinfarcts (CMIs) on 3 tesla (3T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a memory clinic population. METHODS We included 238 consecutive patients (aged 72.5 ± 9.1 years) from a memory clinic in Singapore. All patients underwent extensive neurological and neuropsychological testing and 3T MRI on the(More)
In recent years, there have been extensive studies and rapid progresses in automatic text categorization, which is one of the hotspots and key techniques in the information retrieval and data mining field. Highlighting the state-of-art challenging issues and research trends for content information processing of Internet and other complex applications, this(More)
Markers of cardiac dysfunction such as amino terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NTpro-BNP) and high sensitivity cardiac troponin T (hs-cTnT) may be associated with dementia. However, limited data exist on their association with either pre-dementia stages, that is, cognitive impairment no dementia (CIND), or the burden of cerebrovascular diseases(More)
PURPOSE The present study evaluated the simultaneous correction of bilateral temporomandibular joint ankylosis with mandibular micrognathia using internal distraction osteogenesis (DO) with the help of a 3-dimensional craniomaxillofacial model technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 16 patients (age 18 to 43 years) with bilateral temporomandibular(More)
Carbonation technology with CO(2) absorption was used to enhance the stabilization of heavy metals in fresh fly ash from a municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI). The influence of fundamental parameters affecting the stabilization of heavy metals, especially Pb and diffusivity and reactivity of CO(2), was evaluated. The results indicated that the addition(More)
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is a rare and lethal myocardial ischemic event, which usually causes acute coronary syndrome and sudden death. Emergency management of SCAD includes medical treatment, percutaneous coronary interventions, and coronary artery bypass grafting. Here, we report 1 case of 37-year-old young woman who was found to have(More)
INTRODUCTION The Stroke and Cognition consortium (STROKOG) aims to facilitate a better understanding of the determinants of vascular contributions to cognitive disorders and help improve the diagnosis and treatment of vascular cognitive disorders (VCD). METHODS Longitudinal studies with ≥75 participants who had suffered or were at risk of stroke or TIA(More)
Heavy metal chemical stabilization with synthesized heavy metal chelating agent was assessed for flyash from municipal solid waste incinerator. Flyash can contain heavy metals (e.g. Pb, Cd) which can leach. A new kind of heavy metal chelating agent showed more attractive competition than inorganic chemicals in stabilizing flyash. The synthesizing method of(More)
In this paper, a novel implementation of a portable positioning system based on system-on-a-programmable chip (SOPC) technology is proposed. SOPC technology integrates a CPU, memory, I/O interface on a single FPGA that makes this system have many advantages such as portability, high performance to price ratio, low cost, easy to update and so on. Due to the(More)