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The application of FUS in abdominal organs such as the liver or the kidneys is impeded by a number of complications. One of the most challenging is organ motion due to breathing. To achieve ablation in a target within a moving organ the FUS system has to be steered to focus on the same anatomical position. We present a prototypical system that tracks the(More)
It is a very important issue to design the head-up display's information display format appropriately, thus to help the pilot identify the targets and understand the external environment efficiently. The present study carries out the ergonomics design and evaluation of visual coding for aircraft head-up display based on the literature analysis. First, using(More)
Focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) is showing significant potential as a non-invasive medical intervention without percutaneous access for ablation (cell destruction by heating) of tumours. MRI is frequently used to guide FUS surgery (MRgFUS). Although the MRI can acquire multiple slices per second, organ motion is not accounted for in the repositioning of(More)
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