Xu Xiao

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The application of FUS in abdominal organs such as the liver or the kidneys is impeded by a number of complications. One of the most challenging is organ motion due to breathing. To achieve ablation in a target within a moving organ the FUS system has to be steered to focus on the same anatomical position. We present a prototypical system that tracks the(More)
To reduce waste and wastewater pollution and to improve the utilization rate of resources in the pig-industry chain, a circular economy of the chain can be developed. The key to constructing the circular economic system of the pig-industry chain is to determine the path of the cyclic materials and to design reasonable waste-and wastewater-treatment(More)
With more severe resource scarcity and environmental problems, the evaluation of circular economy in microcosmic level has become the focus of the academic world. Based on the concept of circular economy, this paper not only structures the evaluation index system of circular economy for iron and steel enterprises, builds the evaluation model of circular(More)
——After the appearance of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), several systems have been built using FPGAs,thus called Reconfigurable System. The essence of Reconfigurable System is dynamically changing the circuit at runtime with the reconfigurable characteristic of Programmable Logic Devices to give the system advantages of both hardware and software.(More)
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