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We study the existence andmultiplicity of solutions for the three-point nonlinear boundary value problem u′′(t) + λa(t) f (u) = 0, 0 < t < 1; u(0) = 0 = u(1)− γu(η), where η ∈ (0,1), γ ∈ [0,1), a(t) and f (u) are assumed to be positive and have some singularities, and λ is a positive parameter. Under certain conditions, we prove that there exists λ∗ > 0(More)
The representation of human perception has become one of the most active research topics in image retrieval. This paper proposes a novel search result clustering based relevance feedback mechanism for image retrieval, in which the value of image co-occurrence is used for mining the association of images and then the tolerance rough class is adapt to(More)
When the portable electronic devices work, the powers always change in large range. To ensure the normal operation of electronic equipments, we design a new low-power low-dropout regulator (LDO). The chip is fabricated on the CSMC 0.5&#x00B5;m CMOS technology. The Line Regulation is 0.08%. The PSRR is 44.34dB. The current is 9&#x00B5;A on no-load. It has(More)
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