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That inverters work in direct parallel would increase the reliability and capacity, and also reduce the cost and volume for tidal current generation system, but the zero sequence circulating current will be generated. The state model of the parallel connected inverters is constructed in synchronous rotating coordinates, the mechanism of circulating current(More)
There are zero sequence circuits, when inverters work in parallel directly, and zero sequence circulating current would flow, when zero sequence voltage of the inverter is different with that of the gird. The mechanism of the zero sequence circulating current is analyzed. By the analysis of the influence of the power switch tube voltage-drop, the dead time(More)
This paper has researched on the control strategy of PMSG direct-drive tidal generation system with LCL filter. Firstly, the model of PMSG (permanent magnet synchronous generator) with LCL filter is established in dq-frame, and then according to the analysis of the model, the equivalent circuit and admittance seen from the converter side in dq-frame is(More)
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