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Evaluation of Brain-Targeting of Nasal Baicalin-Phospholipid Complex in Situ Gel
Baicalin-phospholipid complex suspension and in situ gel can improve the brain targeting, for which the in-situ gel is more excellent than the suspension. Expand
Preparation and releasing evaluation in vivo and in vitro of pH-dependent Yuchangning Tablet for colon-specific delivery
Objective To prepare the pH-dependent Yuchangning Tablet for colon-specific delivery(PYTCSD) used in treating the ulcerative colitis and evaluating the releasing property in vivo and in vitro.MethodsExpand
A Study on Components of Yuchangning as A New Herbal Recipes
A novel herbal medicine recipe, yuchangning, which composed by the effective ingredients for treating UC, was invented and this provided a logical strategy for developing new herbal medicine recipes. Expand
Studies of Qingdai's Inorganic Composition
The inorganic composition of Qingdai,a traditional Chinese medicine,is identified by X-ray diffraction and Electron microscope.It is proved that there are CaCO_(3),SiO_(2) and H_(2)O as inorganicExpand