Xu-Nuo Wang

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We investigated the total concentrations of heavy metals in surface sediments and nekton, along with sediment metal chemical partitioning in Qinzhou Bay of the Beibu Gulf. Cd was preferentially associated with the acid-soluble fraction and Pb mainly with the reducible fraction, whereas a major portion of Cr, Ni, Cu, and Zn was strongly associated with the(More)
The fuzzy comprehensive assessment was undertaken to evaluate the marine sediment quality in Daya Bay, China based on the monitoring data of 2015 and China National Standard for Marine Sediment Quality (GB 18668-2002). The results demonstrated that the average metal concentrations (mg/kg) were 0.08 (Cd), 51.30 (Pb), 91.30 (Cr), 29.63 (Cu), 143.42 (Zn), 0.03(More)
The main purpose of the present work is to review the different non-chromatographic methods for the speciation analysis of trace elements in geological, environmental, biological and medical areas. In this paper, the sample processing methods in speciation analysis were summarized, and the main strategies for non-chromatographic technique were evaluated.(More)
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