Xu Junming

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The pyrolysis reactions of soybean oils have been studied. The pyrolytic products were analyzed by GC-MS and FTIR and show the formation of olefins, paraffins, carboxylic acids and aldehydes. Several kinds of catalysts were compared. It was found that the amounts of carboxylic acids and aldehydes were significantly decreased by using base catalysts such as(More)
This paper considers the edge-connectivity and the restricted edge-connectivity of replacement product graphs, gives some bounds on edge-connectivity and restricted edge-connectivity of replacement product graphs and determines the exact values for some special graphs. In particular, the authors further confirm that under certain conditions, the replacement(More)
The distance l-domination number γl(G) of a strongly connected digraph G is the minimum number γ for which there is a set D ⊂ V (G) with cardinality γ such that any vertex v / ∈ D can be reached within distance l from some vertex in D. In this paper, we establish a lower bound and an upper bound for γl of a generalized de Bruijn digraph and a generalized(More)
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