Xu Jian

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Software reliability risk assessment based on its architecture is an important technology used to assure the quality of software products early in the software lifecycle. In this paper, we expand the work of " A methodology for architecture level reliability risk analysis " by S.Yacoub and et al. to present a more simple methodology for risk assessment at(More)
A multi-cue mean-shift target tracking approach based on fuzzified region dynamic image fusion .. A new intelligent prediction system model-the compound pyramid model .. Abstract How to compose existing web services automatically and to guarantee the correctness of the design (e.g. temporal constraints specified by temporal logic LTL, CTL or CTL*) is an(More)
The PolyUCOMP team participated in two TAC-KBP2011 tasks: Regular Entity Linking and Regular Slot Filling. For the entity linking task, a three-step entity linking system is developed. Similar to some systems in KBP 2010, a list of possible candidates are first selected. Then the best candidate is identified to decide whether a link exists. In addition, a(More)
The dynamics of a mobile system with a movable internal mass is investigated in this paper. Due to the periodic motion of the internal acceleration-controlled mass as well as the anisotropy of the external resistance, the system can move in a resistive medium. Major attention is given to the steady-state motion and stick–slip effect of the system as a(More)
OBJECTIVE Discuss initial evaluation of a program for training faith community nurses (FCNs) to conduct cognitive-behavioral and spiritual counseling (CBSC) for rural dementia caregivers (CGs), and present 2 case studies on the use of CBSC for treating depression in this population. STUDY DESIGN Pre-post evaluation of the effectiveness of CBSC training(More)
Acknowledgements First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Lim Ee Peng, not only for his invaluable guidance and constructive criticism throughout the research, but also for his encouragement and understanding. Also from him, I gained tremendously a lot on my research, writing and presentation skills. I thank him for teaching(More)