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In this study, we determined the contribution of juvenile neurogenesis to the performance of mice on a remote memory for temporally based association task and in a novelty based spatial pattern separation task. This was accomplished by mating homozygous DNMT1-loxP mice with heterozygous GFAP-Cre mice and comparing Cre+ (no postnatal neurogenesis) to Cre-(More)
This paper discusses about a fusion algorithm for infrared and visible light images based on region segmentation and the dual-tree complex wavelet transform. Before image segmentation, morphological top-hat filtering is firstly performed on the IR image and visual images respectively and the details of the luminous area are eliminated. Morphological(More)
To solve traditional NC system for Engraving and milling machine problem of high cost or difficult in change parts. The paper introduces an open architecture numerical control of motion and PLC, base on high performance PMAC Motion engraving and milling machine tool system base on IPC and PMAC motion control, across to chose suit Servo drive, Servo Control(More)
Wavelet analysis is applied to process energy spectrum signal of drug detection by energy scattering X-Ray. In the paper, we put forward a novel algorithm of adaptive correlation filtration, which could achieve better filter effect. In addition, a simple and effective method of peaks seeking is designed, which might achieve both strong peaks and weak peaks.(More)
Researchers in the embedded system development and application field always care whether an embedded measurement and control system can work reliably or not. Interference is analyzed, and interference suppression measures are presented in detail. It is useful to researchers.
In this paper, we propose a novel hardened latch to mitigate the SEU. The combination of the circuit structure and layout placement is adopted to enhance the multiple nodes upset tolerance. This latch consists of a normal D latch and a typical DICE latch. Different from the TMR latch, this latch can mitigate the charge collection on two transistors. HSPICE(More)
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