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Variations in (13)C natural abundance and distribution of total C among five size and density fractions of soil organic matter, water soluble organic C (WSOC) and microbial biomass C (MBC) were investigated in the upper layer (0-20 cm) of a continuous grassland soil (CG, C(3) vegetation), a C(3)-humus soil converted to continuous maize cultivation (CM, C(4)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the association between heart rate variability (HRV) and hypertension in Chinese children. METHODS The study was conducted in First Hospital of Jilin University, China. A total of 101 children were recruited in this study. They were divided into a high systolic blood pressure (SBP) group (HS group) and normal SBP group (NS group)(More)
In this study, we determined the contribution of juvenile neurogenesis to the performance of mice on a remote memory for temporally based association task and in a novelty based spatial pattern separation task. This was accomplished by mating homozygous DNMT1-loxP mice with heterozygous GFAP-Cre mice and comparing Cre+ (no postnatal neurogenesis) to Cre-(More)
  • Xu Hui
  • Zhongguo xue xi chong bing fang zhi za zhi…
  • 2011
After health education was carried out during the integrated control of parasitic diseases in Tongcheng City, Anhui Province, the awareness rate of health knowledge of villagers raised from 30.53% (68/210)to 99.49% (197/198), and their pass rate of health behavior increased from 36.67% (77/210) to 100% (198/198). Moreover, the total infection rate of(More)
Thirty-eight cases clinically diagnosed as advanced schistosomiaisis were subject to splenectomy in Dongzhi County Special Hospital for Schistosomiasis because of portal hypertension, splenomegaly and/or hypersplenism. Liver biopsy was undertaken in all cases during surgical intervention. Before operation, ultrasonography on the liver and spleen was carried(More)
A series of 29 new quinoxalines was synthesized and evaluated in vitro against several parasites (Leishmania donovani, Trypanosoma brucei brucei, and Trichomonas vaginalis). Several of them displayed interesting activities, and particularly four quinoxaline amides showed in vitro antileishmanial properties (IC50 less than 20 microM).
Soil samples were taken from depth of 0–12 cm in the virgin broad-leaved/Korean pine mixed forest in Changbai Mountain in April, 2000. 20 μL·L−1 and 200 μL·L−1 CH4 and N2O concentration were supplied for analysis. Laboratory study on CH4 oxidation and N2O emission in forest soil showed that fresh soil sample could oxidize atmospheric methane and product(More)
Extentics is a new discipline that studies the methods for dealing with contradictory problems. This paper gives a solution of attack’s recognition and resistance of survivable network based on extension theory. The basic knowledge of extension theory is introduced. The contradictory characteristic of survivability of borderless network is analyzed.(More)
Soil samples were taken from depth of 0-12cm in virgin broad-leaved Korean pine mixed forest, in Changbai Mountain in July 2000. The effects of temperature, soil water content, pH, NH4 + and NO3 + on N2O emission and CH4 uptake of a forest soil were studied in laboratory by the method of orthogonal design. It was observed under laboratory conditions in this(More)
This paper discusses about a fusion algorithm for infrared and visible light images based on region segmentation and the dual-tree complex wavelet transform. Before image segmentation, morphological top-hat filtering is firstly performed on the IR image and visual images respectively and the details of the luminous area are eliminated. Morphological(More)