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Antitumor and Antibacterial Derivatives of Oridonin: A Main Composition of Dong-Ling-Cao
Based on the above results, the cell apoptosis induced by compound 19 in CaEs-17 cells was most probably involved in the intrinsic apoptotic pathway. Expand
Lignans and triterpenoids from Vitex negundo var. heterophylla and their biological evaluation.
Three new phenylnaphthalene-type lignans and a new polyoxygenated ursane-type triterpene, vitexnegheteroin H (9), were isolated from the seeds of Vitex negundo var. Expand
Reduction-sensitive mixed micelles assembled from amphiphilic prodrugs for self-codelivery of DOX and DTX with synergistic cancer therapy.
A cellular uptake and cytotoxicity assay in vitro showed that the proposed reduction-sensitive mixed micelles could efficiently accumulate in MCF-7 cells and suppress the growth of tumour cells. Expand
Dammarane-type leads panaxadiol and protopanaxadiol for drug discovery: Biological activity and structural modification.
In this review, the pharmacological activities of panxadiol, protopanaxadiol and their structurally modified derivatives are comprehensively summarized. Expand
Recent Progress of Oridonin and Its Derivatives for the Treatment of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
  • Xu Hu, Yan Wang, +7 authors Dahong Li
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  • Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry
  • 11 May 2020
Recent progress of the synthetic, physiological and pharmacological investigations of oridonin and its prodrug HAO472 are overviewed, aiming to disclose the therapeutic potentials and broaden the platform for new anticancer drugs discovery. Expand
Oridonin, a Promising ent-Kaurane Diterpenoid Lead Compound
The synthetic medicinal chemistry work of oridonin is summarized from the first publication 40 years ago and the research experience of the molecule for about 10 years is shared, which may provide useful information to those who are interested in this research field. Expand
Antiproliferative activity and apoptosis inducing effects of nitric oxide donating derivatives of evodiamine.
The first series of nitric oxide donating derivatives of evodiamine showed good cytotoxic selectivity between tumor and normal liver cells and was further investigated for its apoptotic properties on human hepatocarcinoma Bel-7402 cells. Expand
Rational Design of IR820- and Ce6-Based Versatile Micelle for Single NIR Laser-Induced Imaging and Dual-Modal Phototherapy.
The highly safe and effective TPGS-IR820/Ce6 micelles can offer an innovative strategy to construct single NIR light-induced PTT and PDT combined phototherapy nanoplatforms via suitable modification of organic phototherapeutic agents. Expand
Rational Design of a New Self‐Codelivery System from Redox‐Sensitive Camptothecin–Cytarabine Conjugate Assembly for Effectively Synergistic Anticancer Therapy
The in vitro and in vivo anticancer experimental results indicate that simultaneous release of free CPT and Ara-C can realize synergistic chemotherapy effects, thus markedly improve their anticancer activity. Expand
Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Apoptotic Properties of NO-Donor/Enmein-Type ent-Kauranoid Hybrids
It was found that 9f induced apoptosis via the mitochondria-related pathway and arrested cell cycle of Bel-7402 cells at S phase, which might be important to explore new chemical entities for the main causes of in-hospital mortality of S. aureus infection, combined with a solid tumor. Expand