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The direction chain code has been widely used in image coding and recognition for its simplicity and low storage requirement. However, the researches on how to use chain code for shape retrieval are few. The traditional retrieval methods, chain code histogram (CCH) and Minimize Sum Statistical Direction Code (MSSDC) did not take the distribution feature(More)
In this paper, Genetic Algorithm(GA)is applied to Course Scheduling, designed to arrange and optimize the Timetable in Adult Education. Designed an automatic curriculum scheduling system based on this multi-dimension coding scheme. Finally, real course data is used to test this multi-dimension coding scheme and the result is satisfying in the way of the(More)
We improve Kleinberg's hierarchical small world network model <sup>[1]</sup> to implement a peer-to-peer overlay network. In the overlay, all the nodes are treated as leaves which are uniformly distributed in a complete 2-ary tree, and the distance between nodes is defined as the height of their lowest common ancestor in the tree. Every node in the overlay(More)
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