Xu Guanlei

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This correspondence derives the uncertainty principle bounds for the linear canonical transform (LCT) of a complex signal. The derived bounds are sharper than that of the published papers and they are related with the phase and the amplitude of the complex signal. An example is given to verify the result.
A novel decomposition approach called neighborhood limited empirical mode decomposition (NLEMD) is presented. Unlike other EMD approaches, only local neighborhood data are used to estimate the local mean value in NLEMD. It is surprising that NLEMD has inherited all advantages from EMD proposed by Huang. Meanwhile, some inherent bugs in EMD have been avoided(More)
In order to analyze and recognize the running state in athletic sports, this paper proposed a running state analysis method through image processing technique in videos. First, the runner's feet's positions in video sequences (i.e., images) were analyzed via image segmentation. Second, since the frames in every second is 24, then the times of the feet's(More)