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A novel decomposition approach called neighborhood limited empirical mode decomposition (NLEMD) is presented. Unlike other EMD approaches, only local neighborhood data are used to estimate the local mean value in NLEMD. It is surprising that NLEMD has inherited all advantages from EMD proposed by Huang. Meanwhile, some inherent bugs in EMD have been avoided(More)
The concept of fractional quaternion Fourier transform (FRQFT) is defined in this paper, and the reversibility property, linear property, odd–even invariant property, additivity property and other properties are presented. Meanwhile, the fractional quaternion convolution (FRQCV), fractional quaternion correlation (FRQCR) and product theorem are deduced, and(More)
Hilbert transform plays an important role in signal processing. With the development of new transforms, one-dimensional (1D) Hilbert transform has been extended into fractional Fourier transform domain. However, the researches of two-dimensional (2D) Hilbert transform in linear canonical transform (LCT) domain become complicated for the reasons of the(More)
The uncertainty principle plays an important role in mathematics, physics, signal processing, and so on. Firstly, based on definition of the linear canonical transform (LCT) and the traditional Pitt’s inequality, one novel Pitt’s inequality in the LCT domains is obtained, which is connected with the LCT parameters a and b. Then one novel logarithmic(More)